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Down Syndrome Expert and Renowned Dietician Shares Three Important Takeaways

January 19th, 2016 by Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Recipient of Global’s Award of Excellence in Behavioral Health & Nutrition and author of the Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook, Joan Guthrie Medlen shares her three important tips for healthy living and well-being.

“Advice for People with Down Syndrome on Eating Well and Living Well”

The November 2015 Global Down Syndrome Foundation Educational Series focused on Nutrition and Lifestyles for Children, Teens, and Adults with Down Syndrome.


160 parents and professionals attended the two-day conference with overwhelmingly positive feedback:

What was your overall opinion of the Ed Series? Extent to which objectives above were met Speaker’s knowledge of the subject matter? Clarity and quality of presentation? Adequacy of Audience Q&A time?






“Always excellent presentations, content, facilities, food, etc. Thank you!” – Jerry Shelsta

“Thank you for all you provide for our community!” – Jenni Rysavy

“Always enjoy the great learning opportunities you provide. Thank you!” – Barbara Ritchie

“Presenter was well informed and well spoken. Loved the sensory section!” – Melissa Armour

“Lots of Q&A time!”– Ashley McCasuker

Joan Guthrie Medlen, Med, RDN, LD, is a registered dietitian who became involved with Down syndrome issues when her son Andy was born with Down syndrome 26 years ago. She has published two popular books promoting healthy lifestyles for people who are differently-abled, The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook, and Cooking by Color: Recipes for Independence. She is also the winner of numerous awards, including the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s Award of Excellence in Behavioral Health & Nutrition. To access her Global Down Syndrome Educational Series presentation please click here.


Dr. Fran Hickeycrnic412

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation raises critical funds every year to support the excellent medical care provided at the Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The Sie Center provides the highest quality of comprehensive care to children with Down syndrome by coordinating medical care, along with therapies including speech, physical and occupational. The Sie Center serves as a resource for families and primary care doctors by providing up-to-date information while also supporting parents who have received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

The Sie Center has treated over 1,100 unique patients with Down syndrome. The multi-disciplinary “Dream Team” of experts has more than 80 years of combined experience in caring for children with Down syndrome and developmental disabilities.

In 2015, the Sie Center expanded its staff by hiring an education specialist, psychologist and a speech language pathologist. In 2016, look for new clinics and outreach programs designed to assist even more patients and families.

This important work could not be accomplished without support of donors.
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Anna and John J. Sie Center Expands Reach with Education Specialist

October 14th, 2015 by Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Generous grant from the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation enables Sie Center to expand dream team with Education Specialist, Alissa Beck.

Alissa Beck

The Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome is proud to announce the addition of Alissa Beck as the Center’s new Education Specialist. The Sie Center opened in November 2010 and has treated over 1,000 unique patients with Down syndrome under the age of 26. But, because children with Down syndrome and their families have a significant need for the services of an Educational Specialist, the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation provided a generous grant to expand the Sie Center’s roster.

Beck’s role is to improve educational performance, self-esteem and socialization skills in order to enhance the quality of life of children and young adults with Down syndrome. Prior to joining the Sie Center, Beck was an integral part of the Denver metro area’s Cherry Creek School District. She has dedicated her career to promoting quality education for all students through inclusion, differentiation, support and compassion.

“I am very excited about the relationships I am being able to foster with the families that come to the Sie Center and to support them through their child’s educational journey,” said Beck.

As Educational Specialist, Beck will provide resource support for children with Down syndrome to address their school-related issues. Many schools are not organized to support children with Down syndrome. Beck will serve as a liaison and outreach coordinator for these families’ in their efforts to maximize the student’s academic experience and success.

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