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Show Your Support: Be a Global Champion for Down Syndrome Research

To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, we hope to gather 5,000 signatures for an important Global Petition of Support for Down Syndrome Research.

Global Down Syndrome Foundation, its supporters, allies, and friends are proud to be at the forefront of a movement to significantly improve the lives of people with Down syndrome through Research, Medical Care, Education and Advocacy.

We need YOU to join our call for more funding for research benefitting people with Down syndrome and people with life-threatening diseases.

We will be meeting with the White House, Congress, and National Institutes of Health (NIH) this spring and will personally deliver our petition. By adding your name, we can effectively communicate our sense of urgency for increased research funding for Down syndrome and hold our elected officials accountable.

As Global Champions for Down Syndrome Research we…

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    Applaud the efforts of National Institutes of Health (NIH) to encourage research for Down syndrome by establishing the first Down syndrome patient research registry called DS-Connect®.
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    Believe that Down syndrome, the leading cause of developmental delay in the world, deserves more research funding to explain why people with Down syndrome have a different ‘disease spectrum’ whereby they are highly protected from some diseases like certain cancers, stroke, and heart attack and are highly susceptible to other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and immune system disorders.
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    Urge the White House, Congress, and NIH to make Down syndrome research funding a national priority so that we can discover therapies and cures to major diseases that could be life-saving to people with Down syndrome and millions of others suffering from the same life-threatening diseases.


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