For Vollbrachts, supporting Global is a family investment

For Bill and Leslie Vollbracht, supporting the Global Down Syndrome Foundation is a family investment in their granddaughter and others who have Down syndrome.

Bill and Leslie VollbrachtSeasoned entrepreneurs, the Vollbrachts are betting on Global’s research, medical care and outreach. They recently sat down with Global to talk about Colorado, family and why support for Down syndrome medical care and research is so important.

1. You founded and built Land Title Guarantee Company, one of the oldest and most successful title insurance companies in Colorado. What was it like to be a Colorado pioneer?

We feel so fortunate to live in Colorado. It is where we always wanted to live and work. To have built a successful company here and to be considered Pioneers is wonderful.

2. How do you apply your business background to your philanthropic giving?

We are very lucky that Land Title was so successful. We feel that giving back to the community that made us successful is very important and something one should just do.

3. Your granddaughter Katherine Vollbracht Winfield happens to have Down syndrome. How has she changed your lives?

Katherine Vollbracht Winfield

Kate is a wonderful little girl a real joy in our lives. We have learned that she is really just like any other child. She has good days and bad days, happy days and sad days. What we notice the most is her very strong opinions and her very heartfelt emotions. Her learning is just slower.

4. How important was the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and the Sie Center for Down Syndrome at Children’s Hospital Colorado for Katherine’s development?

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation and the Sie Center were very instrumental in Kate’s early development. They gave us and especially her parents, the Winfields, the awareness and confidence to know she could grow up and live a productive life. They stressed the importance of early intervention and inclusion and that inclusion is very possible. If Kate were to ever have a medical or social problem, the Sie Center is the place the Winfields would think of for expert and exceptional help.

5. How do you feel about your daughter and son-in-law managing the information age, work, children, and becoming advocates for people with Down syndrome?

We feel that their lives and Kirby III’s (Kate’s big brother) life is enriched by having Kate in it. Their involvement in the Down syndrome community both in Seattle and Denver is broadening their understanding of all people who are differently-abled. They will make a difference in this world.

6. What do you want people to know about Katherine?

We would like people to know that Kate is a very capable child who enjoys many things. She loves school, where she is the only child with Down syndrome in her class and has many friends. She also shows a real honesty with her feelings that some typical people have difficulty with.

7. What is the best thing about being a grandparent?

The Winfield Family

Having grandchildren is wonderful; we only wish they lived closer. Watching them grow and develop, laughing with them, talking and playing with them is a very special experience.

8. You are part of the Leadership Circle supporting Global’s marquee fundraiser and awareness-raiser – the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show. Why should people support and attend this event?

People should support the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show because of the numerous ways the event is creating true awareness about the world of Down syndrome. The amazing research done by the Linda Crnic Institute can be of value to not only the Down syndrome community but the entire world population.

9. What is the best advice you were ever given that you would like to pass on?

Lillian Starr, Bill’s aunt and a true pioneer in the women’s business world, gave him this advice, which he has remembered well and lived by: “Meet every commitment that you make.”

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