Elena Horsky

Director of Operations

Elena Horsky Bio PhotoElena Horsky serves as the Director of Operations for Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Elena is a seasoned professional with over a decade in customer-facing and back-end operations. As the Director of Operations, she demonstrates her exceptional aptitude for analyzing operational, fiscal, and performance data to drive strategic decision making.

With a solid foundation built over 10+ years in the field, Elena possesses remarkable analytic skills, a keen business acumen and a remarkable ability to forecast trends and developments. Her extensive background in operations management is complemented by an MBA from Queens University of Charlotte, underscoring her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

Elena’s educational journey also includes a BA in Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Management from Johnson & Wales University, which showcases her versatile skill set and adaptability across different industries.

Beyond her impressive professional accomplishments, Elena is a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her dedication to making lives better for all is evident in her role at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, where she contributes not only to the organization’s success, but also to its broader mission of promoting inclusivity and support.

Away from the professional realm, Elena finds joy in thrift shopping, indulging her love for all things vintage, and seeking adventure through white-water rafter. These personal interests reflect her dynamic nature and zest for life.

Elena Horsky’s unique blend of operational expertise, analytical acumen, and commitment to social causes makes her truly remarkable leader in her field. With a track record of excellence and a genuine passion for positive change, she continues to inspire and drive both her team and the broader community towards greater heights of success and inclusiveness.

Elena can be reached at ehorsky@globaldownsyndrome.org.