Winner of iPad Drawing Is Proud of All that Daughter Has Accomplished

Jessica Nickolaus, Jacolyn Conte and Kylee Nevergall

Kylee Nevergall, right, walks the runway at the 2008 fashion show.

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation recently encouraged the friends, supporters and colleagues on our mailing list to update their contact information, and we’re pleased to announce that Michelle Nevergall is the winner of a random drawing for an iPad among those who responded.

Michelle and her husband, Troy, are the parents of 19-year-old Kylee and 17-year-old Dylan. Kylee, who graduated in May from Ralston Valley High School in Arvada, Colorado, has Down syndrome. Dylan is in his senior year at Arvada West High School.

Kylee was a model in the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s inaugural fashion show, and her parents say she still talks about the experience today.

Michelle says Kylee loves to cook and, most of all, eat. She also loves country music, books and movies. Now that her brother can drive, spending time with him is one of her favorite ways to spend an afternoon. She loves being with her cousins and her grandparents.

“As Kylee enters into young adulthood, we can look back on all that she has accomplished and take pride in the person that she has become and watch with awe at the amazing dreams that she has for her life,” Michelle says. “We can’t wait to see where she is several years from now. Anything is possible!”

Michelle says Kylee is working on using her phone to keep track of her calendar and remind her of appointments.

“As technology continues to improve and become a bigger part of our lives, we feel like it is important for Kylee to know her way around a computer,” she says. “This iPad will be a great tool in teaching Kylee and working on her technology skills.”

Michelle is a former member of the board of directors for the Mile High Down Syndrome Association. She and Troy were involved with new-parent visitations through MHDSA and also ran a parent support group out of their home.

Congratulations to Michelle Nevergall and her family!

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