Global Down Syndrome Foundation Calendar

Welcome to our calendar! Although we wish we could accommodate all local events, in order to keep the calendar clean, at this time we are only posting Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s own events and national conferences.

Kendra, born July 7th, 1997 from Charleston, West Virginia
From Ian’s family: When Kendra was born, I was unaware that she would have Down syndrome.  Everyone rushed into my hospital room gazing at her.  My doctor looked at me and said, “You are blessed!  Your little girl seems to have an extra chromosome.” I thought, wow, something extra, she is Special!   After all test confirmed, and finding out that she needed open heart surgery, I realized that my doctor was right; I was blessed, chosen to be her mother.  Kendra is now 16 yrs. old and lives a full & active life!!!  She is just like anyone else!!  She teaches me something new everyday as well as everyone around her!

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