Donations Fuel Our Work!

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s mission is to significantly improve the lives of people with Down syndrome through research, medical care, education and advocacy. In order to accomplish our mission, fundraising is a core part of our work – especially since Down syndrome is the least-funded genetic condition in the United States.

You can make a huge difference by donating to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Your Donations Help Fuel Our Mission

There are many different ways to donate and they are all easy! Most cash and credit card donations are also 100% tax deductible.


Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is by credit or debit card. It is simple and convenient – sign up once, and no checks or postage is needed.

Most importantly, you can regularly make a difference in the lives of people with Down syndrome through monthly giving. Set up monthly giving now.

Giving in Honor or Memory of Another

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation is honored, grateful and humbled by the gravity of a gift given in honor or memory of another person. If you choose to make a donation in such a manner, we will send the person you are honoring, or the appropriate family member of the person being remembered, a note of thanks and recognition. If desired, we can also list the donation on our quarterly giving page.

If you are considering Global Down Syndrome Foundation as a recipient in lieu of gifts or flowers for any occasion, or if you would simply like to make a donation in honor or memory of someone important to you, please Donate Now in Honor or In Memory of Another or contact us at or 303-468-6677.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving allows you to automatically deposit a gift to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation from your paycheck. It can be a one-time gift or a recurring gift. Some companies have matching workplace giving programs.

Also, if you are a federal or state employee, or you work for a corporation that provides a workplace giving program such as the Combined Federal Campaign or your local United Way, you have available to you a very simple and convenient way to support the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. 

Ask your human resource manager or payroll department to see how you can designate the Global Down Syndrome Foundation to receive your charitable gift through your workplace. You can also contact us with any questions at or (303) 468-6677.

Endowment Gifts

What is an Endowment?

An endowment is a pool of funds raised by a non-profit organization which is then invested, and which provides returns or ongoing income to the non-profit organization, either for a designated purpose or for general operating support.

An endowment can be an “Endowed Chair” or “Endowed Directorship.” Endowed Chairs and Directorships are associated with the best colleges and universities. The returns or income from the endowment help to underwrite an academic position and/or attract the best academics to a position. Endowed Chairs and Directorships usually have a donor-specified name that defines the position, for example the “Name of Donor Endowed Chair in Medical Care and Research for Down Syndrome.”

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation is currently raising funds for several Endowed Chairs at the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome:

  • Endowed Chair in Alzheimer’s Research – This endowment will support one of our nation’s leading Alzheimer’s scientists, Dr. Huntington Potter, whose seminal research linking Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s brought him to the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome. Funds from this endowment contribute to Dr. Potter’s world-class research and clinical care programs for patients who have Alzheimer’s. Adult patients with Down syndrome are a key focus of Dr. Potter’s work.
  • Endowed Chair in Clinical Research for People with Down Syndrome – This endowment will support clinical research at the Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome at the Children’s Hospital Colorado. Funds from this endowment will allow researchers to answer important questions related to (a) the frequency of certain disease or conditions found in patients with Down syndrome, (b) how people with Down syndrome respond to medication or therapies, and (c) how to disseminate the best practices nationally and internationally regarding appropriate medical care for people with Down syndrome.
  • Endowed Directorship in Inclusive Education – Funds from this endowment will allow Global Down Syndrome Foundation to train more schools, principals, teachers, paraeducators and parents, and to mentor inclusion specialists through a fellowship program.
  • Endowed Chair in Physical Therapy – This endowment will fund the work of the world-renowned physical therapist and beloved Down syndrome expert, Patricia C. Winders, and allow her to engage in more research and mentor other physical therapists interested in helping people with Down syndrome.

To fully fund or donate to an endowment, or for more information about an endowment gift, please contact or 303-468-6677.

Planned Giving

A planned gift is any major gift, made during a lifetime or at death, as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. Such giving techniques are called “planned gifts,” because with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions for you and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

  • You can make a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime. For example, you can designate a portion of your estate or set up a Charitable Remainder Trust.
  • You can give stock and realize larger tax savings. When you donate shares of stock, you may be able to write off the entire value of the stock as a donation and you do not have to pay on any capital gains on the profit of the stock. Please consult a tax advisor for details.

For more information or to coordinate your planned giving contact us at or 303-468-6677.

* Federal income tax laws limit the charitable deduction of any contribution to the amount by which the contribution exceeds the fair market value of any goods or services provided. Please consult a tax advisor with any questions.