Our Staff

Anca Elena Call
PR & Communications Consultant

Anca Elena Call is the PR and Communications Consultant at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. Anca is responsible for GLOBAL’s awareness outreach to the general public.

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Rejena Carmichael
Marketing Communications Manager

Rejena Carmichael is the Marketing Communications Manager at Global Down Syndrome Foundation. Rejena works with GLOBAL’s departments to effectively communicate GLOBAL’s accomplishments, promote fundraising events and opportunities, and tell touching constituent stories to help meet our financial and humanitarian goals.

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Lyndsey Dent
Community Development and Logistics Coordinator

As Community Development and Logistics Coordinator, Lyndsey works to plan the logistics for GLOBAL’s Health and Wellness programs (Football, Cheer, Tennis, Soccer, and Ballet) as well as I <3 You Dance Parties, special events, and the annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show.

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Bryn Gelaro

Bryn Gelaro
Director of Adult Initiatives & Special Projects

Bryn Gelaro is a Licensed Social Worker with a background in behavioral health for adults with adults with Down syndrome. Her work includes furthering GLOBAL’s adult care initiatives, serving as an executive committee member and co-author of GLOBAL’s Medical Care Guidelines for adults with Down syndrome, and managing the development and operations of GLOBAL’s efforts to open a World Class Medical Clinic for adults with Down syndrome.

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Stacy HutchcraftStacy Hutchcraft
Senior Accountant

Stacy serves GLOBAL as the Senior Accountant. She is responsible for handling the day-to-day accounting and HR tasks that keep the back office running smoothly; and works with GLOBAL’s CFO to provide valuable financial reporting to colleagues and leadership in the organization.

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Chelsea Jones
Community Development Logistics Senior Coordinator

As part of GLOBAL’s Community Development Team Chelsea plans logistics for special events, including conferences, I ♥ You Dance Parties, and the annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show. She also leads GLOBAL’s Health and Wellness programs (Football, Cheer, Tennis, Soccer and Be Beautiful Be Yourself Dance), working with families and volunteers to promote fun engaging social activities in a safe and inclusive environment.

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Jill “Kat” Loewen
Office Assistant

Kat is an Office Assistant for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. She joined GLOBAL in 2011 and is responsible for assisting with programs and office administration.

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Cait McGrathMcGrath
Database Manager

As Database Manager, Cait maintains the integrity of all data inputs/outputs of Global Down Syndrome’s Raiser’s Edge database by utilizing and communicating best practice protocols for data entry, data extraction and reporting.

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Dennis E. McGuire, LCSW, Ph.D.McGuire
Senior Consultant, Adult Initiatives

Dennis McGuire, LCSW, Ph.D. is GLOBAL’s Senior Consultant specializing in adult initiatives. In this role he facilitates the best possible programs and services for teens and adults with Down syndrome. This includes the development of a world class multidisciplinary clinic serving this population and co-facilitating the Adult Medical Care Guidelines initiative. 

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Jon PettitJon
Manager of Digital Marketing

Jon serves GLOBAL as Manager of Digital Marketing. He oversees GLOBAL’s website, digital communications, and works with PR to ensure GLOBAL’s mission is reaching the masses in style.  

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Katie ReddingtonKatie Reddington
Community Development Manager

As Community Development Manager, Katie works to support revenue and engagement goals for GLOBAL’s events and Health and Wellness Programs.

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Kayla Roberts, MPHKayla Roberts, MPH
Database Coordinator

As Database Coordinator, Kayla maintains the integrity of data inputs of GLOBAL Down Syndrome’s Raiser’s Edge database by utilizing and communicating best practice protocols for data entry, data extraction and reporting. Kayla works with all donations, registrations, and acknowledgements.

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Ashley Sparhawk
Executive Assistant & Grants Program Manager

Ashley Sparhawk is the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and GLOBAL’s Grants Coordinator. She is responsible for assisting with multiple tasks and multi-faceted projects, including but not limited to calendar and time management, overseeing event and travel logistics, managing talent and donor relationships, and establishing and implementing processes and protocols for all staff. Ashley also manages GLOBAL’s two annual grantmaking programs which provide much-needed funding to local Down syndrome organizations, the Global Down Syndrome Foundation Educational Grants and the Self-Advocate Employment Initiative Grants.

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Richard WaysdorfWaysdorf
Legal Consultant

Richard is responsible for providing legal counsel to the Foundation, negotiating and drafting agreements, and advising on a wide range of legal and policy issues.  He oversees outside counsel in specialties including government relations, intellectual property, biomedical research, and not-for-profit operations.

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Michelle Sie WhittenMichelle Sie Whitten
President & CEO

Michelle Sie Whitten is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation (GLOBAL). GLOBAL is dedicated to significantly improving the lives of people with Down syndrome through Research, Medical Care, Education, and Advocacy.

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