International Spokespeople

In addition to Global Down Syndrome Foundation Ambassadors who happen to have Down syndrome, the Foundation enlists the help of International Spokespeople – celebrities who are personally vested in improving the lives of people with Down syndrome. Using their status to advocate for research and medical care they help educate governments, educational organizations and society in order to affect legislative and social changes. The Foundation’s International Spokespeople strongly believe every person on this planet has something to offer and every person with Down syndrome should have the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential and to live an equitable and satisfying life.

Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones — musician, composer, producer, arranger, conductor. It would seem that everything Quincy Jones touches turns to gold. (Or, at least platinum). Named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century, Quincy has received 25 Grammy Awards and has been nominated 79 times (the all-time most nominations for an artist).

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John C. McGinley

By 2000, John C. McGinley had amassed decades of stellar work on stage and screen, including six collaborations with Oscar-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone. John has said that Platoon was one of his favorite rolls and one of the hardest. But despite being considered one of his generations finest movie actors, he joked that he wasn’t pretty enough for television.

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Beverly Johnson

As the first African-American woman to grace the cover of Vogue magazine in 1974, Beverly Johnson is used to breaking down barriers. The model, mother, actress and entrepreneur now has one more title to add to her impressive resume: International Spokesperson for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

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