Peggy Bergeron

Peggy-BergeronParent Advocate

Peggy Bergeron’s background as a former registered Occupational Therapist, a mother of four, a founder and Director of a local preschool for 34 years, and an integral part of the formation of three companies her husband built have all contributed to her helping her daughter Carrie develop into a successful young adult.

One might think that Carrie, who happens to have Down syndrome, was the reason her parents built companies that design and manufacture products for those with pediatric special needs. But those plans were well on their way when Carrie was born. Once Carrie was born, however, there was renewed energy and purpose behind Tumble Forms, and the “Special Tomato” is named for a story Carrie wrote when she first really understood as a teenager that she was a person with Down syndrome.  Her story can be read online at

Carrie and Peggy Bergeron are pleased to be on the Nutrition & Cooking Subcommittee for Global’s Adults with Down Syndrome Task Force as a daughter-mother team. Their participation focuses on Carrie’s experiences as a 38-year-old adult with Down syndrome and her successes and challenges with nutrition, weight management and consequential well-being.