Founders’ Story

Anna and John SieAnna and John J. Sie have a very different view on almost everything. “It goes beyond just being a man or woman, Chinese or Italian. We are sort of the epitome of ‘opposites attract’,” says John with a chuckle, about his marriage to Anna.

But there was one thing that Anna and John did see the same and that was the future of their granddaughter, who happens to have Down syndrome. When Anna and John’s daughter, Michelle, got her amnio results and broke the news to them that their granddaughter would have Down syndrome, it was like a revelation.

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Michelle Sie WhittenQ&A with Co-Founder, President & CEO
Michelle Sie Whitten

“I come from a somewhat over-achieving family. I don’t know for sure but I believe that if my daughter had been born typically, I might have put her and her younger brother on a similar track: focusing more on achievement than quality of life. I honestly believe that having a child who is differently-abled has made me an infinitely better parent – one who is clued into my child’s needs, strengths, motivators, and self-esteem. I enjoy every minute with both of my children! And now I really have patience for all children. What an amazing gift.”

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Anna and John J. Sie Foundation – Dedicated to people with Down Syndrome

The Anna and John J. Sie Foundation is the founding donor of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome, and provides support for various other non-profits in Colorado and around the world.

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Down Syndrome Educational Fund

The Down Syndrome Educational Fund exists to support the work of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and other important organizations supporting people with Down syndrome.

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