Lynn Rodriguez

Lynn-RodriguezBoard Member, Alpha Resource Center

Lynn Rodriguez lives in Santa Barbara, California, and serves on the board of the Alpha Resource Center. Alpha provides lifespan services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Rodriguez has two adult daughters. Her youngest daughter has Down syndrome and attends the local community college as part of the Santa Barbara High School District Transition Program for students 18-22 years old. Rodriguez also served on the SB Unified School District Board of Directors (2002-06), co-chaired the District’s Special Education Parent and Staff Advisory Committee, founded and chaired the San Marcos High School special education parent group.

She is an advocate for students and families in the community and as chair of the Alpha Program Services Committee is currently working with the committee to enhance the availability of housing options and supported living services for adults with developmental disabilities in Santa Barbara. She has worked with others in the community to improve outreach and education to families through workshops with speakers like Dr. Dennis McGuire and Dr. Brian Chicoine.

Professionally, Rodriguez is a partner is an environmental consulting firm with her husband. Her expertise is in water resource management and she is currently very busy working with cities, counties and water districts to address the severe drought affecting California. She received her BA at the University of California at Santa Barbara.