Lynn M. Campbell, MS, CCC-SLP

Lynn-CampbellExecutive Vice President
Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas

Lynn Campbell first worked with individuals with Down syndrome through an infant stimulation program and later in a clinical setting at a rehabilitation center. She has many years of experience as a speech-language pathologist in private practice in the Dallas area, where the majority of individuals with whom she has worked have Down syndrome. Campbell has provided direct therapy services, served as speaker for seminars in schools, agencies and support groups throughout the community, and consulted with educators and employers. Her focus has been on providing evaluations and therapy in order to improve communication skills, targeting speech as well as language processing and usage. Campbell’s interests include emphasis on speech and language as they affect social skills, academic success, independent living, and vocational functioning.

Campbell considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to work with people with Down syndrome and their families. Through the years she has observed individuals with Down syndrome achieve increasing levels of success academically and socially. As people with Down syndrome come to adulthood, it has become evident that there is a need to continue to provide services, information, and models for supports throughout the lifetime. Campbell believes speech and language skills play an integral part in the success of adults with Down syndrome in the community, in educational opportunities beyond high school, and in job settings.

Currently, Campbell is on sabbatical from providing direct therapy services. She is active in the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas, having served in various ways, most recently as Board of Directors Vice President and Education Committee Chair. In those capacities she has worked to secure national and international speakers for parents, educators, and people with Down syndrome in Texas and surrounding states, select Innovative Teaching Grant recipients for educators using innovative methods to benefit students with Down syndrome, and award scholarships to high school seniors whose higher education studies prepare them to help people with Down syndrome. Campbell was honored to receive the 2014 Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas Outstanding Educator of the Year Award.