Carolyn Bergeron


Carrie Bergeron has been enrolled in a New York State assisted living but self-directed program for seven years. There are four valued outcomes that she, with the help of a COS, works toward. (1) is to maintain good health and fitness along with: (2) independent living with support supplied by part-time Support Staff; (3) volunteer work at a preschool for early childhood special needs, library assistance, Gigi’s Playhouse helper, plus motivational and advocacy presentations locally and nationally; and finally (4) participation in community activities.

Carrie and Peggy Bergeron are pleased to be on the Nutrition & Cooking Subcommittee for Global’s Adults with Down Syndrome Task Force as a daughter-mother team. Their participation focuses on Carrie’s experiences as a 38-year-old adult with Down syndrome and her successes and challenges with nutrition, weight management and consequential well-being.