Bilingual Volunteers

You can make a difference as a volunteer.

You can make a difference as a volunteer.

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation is committed to sharing the best information we have about Down syndrome with others, including those who live in different countries or speak different languages.

We welcome trained translators who can help us translate our materials such as website pages, pamphlets, brochures and/or educational materials.

If you are a trained translator and would like to donate your translation skills to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation (GLOBAL), please contact us at volunteer@globaldownsyndrome.org.

Local Volunteers

Currently, the in-person volunteer work of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation is in Colorado, where GLOBAL is headquartered.

If you do not live in Colorado area, please volunteer for your local Down syndrome organization in the US or for an international Down syndrome organization. Your talent and time will be greatly appreciated!

If you do live in Colorado area, please read below.

Your decision to volunteer for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation is an important one. By volunteering with GLOBAL, you have an opportunity to make a difference! Volunteers play a major role in supporting many different programs, events, and individuals with Down syndrome throughout the year. Below is a highlight of volunteer work needed:

Office Volunteer Work

  • Mailings – Stuffing envelopes, weighing for postage, addressing and stamping
  • Student/Camper Coordination – contact students and campers to confirm and then remind them of, dates, times and venues
  • Copying & Filing
  • Sorting – putting packets, photo albums and notebooks together

Program & Event Volunteer Work

  • Running errands
  • Escorting guests to their seats
  • Soliciting silent auction items
  • Assisting with check-in and registration
  • Organizing welcome baskets

Contact us for more information at volunteer@globaldownsyndrome.org.