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According to the national poll commissioned by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation in 2011, 38% of Americans know someone with Down syndrome and the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that society and our government should be investing in their future.

Despite being the most frequent chromosomal disorder, Down syndrome remains the least funded genetic disorder by our National Institutes of Health. Other disorders such as Autism and Fragile X have received three to 11 times more funding each year for the last decade. We applaud the success they have made in this regard. It is now time that people with Down syndrome receive their fair share of investment and the American people uphold this belief.

You can truly make a difference for people with Down syndrome, their families and their communities by joining the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

In early May 2008, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) established the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus, along with co-chairs Representative Pete Sessions (TX-32), former Representative Patrick Kennedy, and Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC), a bipartisan group dedicated to raising awareness and educating members of Congress and their staff about Down syndrome.  The Caucus selected Representative Chris Van Hollen (MD-08) to succeed Representative Kennedy when Kennedy left Congress.

People with Down syndrome deserve fundamental human and civil rights. By joining and supporting the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus, you can make a significant difference in the lives of people with Down syndrome and other disabilities. I ask you to please consider joining the caucus to raise awareness and to help increase funding for people with Down syndrome.

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In the words of Cathy McMorris Rodgers, “I believe the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus will be a vehicle to help bring this information to the forefront so all families of children and adults with Down syndrome can lead happy lives.”


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