Wisconsin Toolkit


Below you will find a list of each congressional Representative for the state of Wisconsin. Examine the map to find your district, then click on your Representative’s name to learn more about that elected official, including if they sit on the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus. If one or more Members of Congress from your state belong – denoted by the orange text – please write them a letter thanking them for being on the Caucus and what that means to you personally. Please CC: advocacy@globaldownsyndrome.org on your letter so we can better track our advocacy efforts.

If your Representative is not a member of the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus, click here for a letter to send asking them to join the Caucus.

District Name Party Phone
1 Ryan, Paul R 202-225-3031
2 Pocan, Mark D 202-225-2906
3 Kind, Ron D 202-225-5506
4 Moore, Gwen D 202-225-4572
5 Sensenbrenner, James F. Jr. R 202-225-5101
6 Grothman, Glenn R 202-225-2476
7 Duffy, Sean P. R 202-225-3365
8 Ribble, Reid J. R 202-225-5665
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