Shannon Mize

Education Center Administrator

Shannon Mize is GLOBAL’s Education Center Administator. At the nexus of Global Down Syndrome Foundation and the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation, the GLOBAL Education Center provides free community learning space for organizations to meet and host events and learning opportunities. Shannon engaes the community in utilizing the GLOBAL Ed Center, manages operations, and oversees GLOBAL programs within the space.

With a background as K-12 educator and non-profit Executive Director, Shannon’s work has always focused on providing safe and inclusive spaces where individuals can come together, learn, and grow. Her work as the Education Center Administrator gives Shannon the privilege of fostering relationships and continuing to learn from the growing number of professionals and individuals in the IDD community and effectuate change through awareness and education.

Shannon is also an accomplished artist and performer. Her oil paintings have been exhibited in Texas and on the Western Slope of Colorado, she has performed lead roles in over a dozen stage productions, illustrated a children’s bok, produced 5 auidobooks, directed award-winning performances for yputh and adults, and served as a statewide One-Act Play adjudicator.

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