Rejena Carmichael

Marketing Communications Manager

Rejena Carmichael is the Marketing Communications Manager at Global Down Syndrome Foundation. Rejena works with Global’s departments to effectively communicate Global’s accomplishments, promote fundraising events and opportunities, and tell touching constituent stories to help meet our financial and humanitarian goals.

Prior to Global, Rejena worked as a journalist for various lifestyle magazines in New York and Colorado, including Manhattan Bride and 5280. She holds a BA degree in English Language and Literature from Hofstra University. When Rejena moved to Colorado, she was thrilled to find Global. With a brother who has Down syndrome and a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, Rejena was particularly drawn to the important research being conducted through the Crnic Institute’s Human Trisome Project, which Global supports.

Rejena is very passionate about what she does. She has a long track record of volunteering for nonprofits that support those who are differently-abled. Her brother, Bert, is a huge inspiration in her life. (Bert lives in Maryland with family, but you’ll spot him at Global events or in the office when he visits a few times a year!) Rejena is dedicated to connecting with families and spreading the word about the life-changing work that Global is doing.

Rejena can be reached via phone at 720-548-5617 x317 (office) or
240-603-5494 (cell) and via email at