Jill “Kat” Loewen

Office Assistant

Kat is an Office Assistant for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. She joined the Foundation in 2011 and is responsible for assisting with programs and office administration. Kat plays an important role at the Foundation offices where she helps with data entry, ensures that mailings go out on time, and greets visitors to the Foundation.

Kat is a responsible and industrious worker. In addition to working as an Office Assistant at the Foundation, Kat works at the Robert Loewen CPA office, a tax accounting business. At Robert Loewen, she is responsible for data entry and a variety of other office work. She previously worked as a courtesy clerk and grocery sacker for King Soopers, and took tickets and directed guests at a local cinema theatre.

Kat graduated from Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado. After graduation she attended vocational school at Pickens College in Aurora where she took horticulture classes. She also attended Aurora Community College from 2004-2006 and took a variety of business related classes. She currently attends the ALIVE class at the University of Denver, a year-round class for adults with Down syndrome supported by the Foundation.

Kat enjoys spending her free time riding horses at Praying Hands Ranch and competing in Special Olympics. She loves horses and dogs, traveling, and going to the theater and movies. She speaks conversational Italian and enjoys volunteering for many community programs offered by Developmental Pathways.

Contact Kat at 720-548-5627 or intern@globaldownsyndrome.org.