Down Syndrome Educational Fund

2010 May SymposiaAnna and John J. Sie and their daughter, Michelle Whitten, were determined to make a difference for people with Down syndrome more immediately than the establishment of the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome or the Global Down Syndrome Foundation would allow.

To this end, in 2006 they established a donor advised fund at The Denver Foundation, a local community foundation. The fund was originally called the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Educational Fund and today it is the Down Syndrome Educational Fund. It was the precursor to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

The fund underwrites the Global Down Syndrome Educational Series, and administers the vital Christian Ransom Ball Scholarships program associated with the series.

The Down Syndrome Educational Fund has provided grants to the Denver Adult Down Syndrome Clinic, the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, and Arc Thrift.

In 2009, the Fund also underwrote, along with another generous donor, the first-ever pilot study in the U.S. on how children with Down syndrome learn to read. The 18-month study was done at the University of Denver.

As its name suggests, the Down Syndrome Educational Fund underwrites educational programs for people with Down syndrome. Excellence in content quality, measurable results and financial stewardship characterize the programs the fund supports.

Today, the Down Syndrome Educational Fund exists to support the work of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and other important organizations supporting people with Down syndrome. It is important to note that the fund is managed conscientiously by the excellent staff at The Denver Foundation and grants must follow The Denver Foundation’s guidelines.