Bryn Gelaro, LSW

Bryn GelaroResearch & Medical Care Senior Director

Bryn Gelaro joined the GLOBAL team in 2015 as a consultant and currently serves as Research & Medical Care Senior Director. She is a Licensed Social Worker with a background in behavioral health for adults with adults with Down syndrome. Her work includes furthering GLOBAL’s adult care initiatives, serving as an executive committee member and co-author of GLOBAL’s Medical Care Guidelines for Adults with Down syndrome, and managing the development and operations of GLOBAL’s efforts to open a World Class Medical Clinic for adults with Down syndrome. In addition, her role oversees many of GLOBAL’s exciting international projects, including work with Albania, Uganda, and Iceland.

Bryn has spoken to parents, educators, and medical professionals at conferences across the nation, including the National Down Syndrome Congress, the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group, and the Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action. She coauthored research on Down syndrome in Uganda and was a contributor to the Prenatal Testing and Information about Down Syndrome Pamphlet (2nd Ed).

Bryn earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University in 2012 and holds a Masters in social work from the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service and Administration in 2015. She completed her Master’s graduate field training at the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic in Chicago, where she facilitated social skills groups, completed assessments, conducted therapy, and occasionally tried to keep up in Zumba class with teens and adults with Down syndrome.

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