2019 Ambassador CC Mullen

Clarissa Capuano CroppedHi there! My name is Caroline “CC” Mullen. I am a bright, happy, determined little tornado who just happens to have Down syndrome! I live in Virginia with my mom, dad, and big sister Amelia. I love to spend time with my family and am lucky to have a lot of them around me! I also like to dance, read books with my mom, and eat!

Since I was born, my big sister Amelia has called me “my CC,” and she’s my best friend! Amelia and her friends love trying to tell me what to do, since they’re such mature 4-year-olds, but I show them who is boss with a lot of sassiness!

My parents never knew someone with Down syndrome before I was born, but they never questioned how much they would love me or what I could accomplish. They are not surprised that I am already conquering everything I put my mind to. I am thriving after having open-heart surgery when I was 5 months old, I started walking at 19 months, and I can sign and speak many words! My favorites are “drink”, “color”, and of course “no”. Currently, I’m fighting hard against leukemia. But I am strong! I am friends with all the nurses and Mom says I’ve taken over the 10th floor of the hospital.

When I’m not hanging out with friends, I work with my parents to lobby Congress! We fight for increased Down syndrome research funding at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). And I’m really good too! Together with Representatives Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Tom Cole, and Rosa DeLauro, we secured a historic 65% increase in Down syndrome research funding at the NIH. This is really important for people with Down syndrome just like me!

My mom and dad wouldn’t change a thing about me; they love me so much. My family and friends have embraced me into their lives just like they did with my big sister. I love my life and I am determined to achieve my dreams! I will not let having an extra chromosome hold me back from anything. Will you please help ensure that I have that chance? The Global Down Syndrome Foundation works hard to supports kids and adults like me to make sure we all get a chance to enjoy life like everyone else. Please support their efforts!