2023 Ambassador Abby Ashbrook

2023 Ambassador Abby Ashbrook

It is truly an honor for us to introduce Abby as this year’s Ambassador for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. Abby is the gift our family didn’t know we needed, and we are so excited for you to meet her.

From the moment Abby was born on January 10th, 2011, she was loved. Her middle name, Joy, was given as a signal to others that this was a child who would be treasured by her family. At two months of age, she underwent open heart surgery, and she has endured many other medical procedures during her twelve years of life.

Abby is finishing fifth grade and preparing to make the leap to middle school next year. She lives in Falls Church, Virginia with her mom, dad, sisters and dog, Piper. She is the middle sister between Margaret and Charlotte. Abby plays baseball, loves music, dancing, and any social activity with her friends. But her favorite hobby might be folding washcloths. Abby is always up for a party and a bagel with cream cheese! If you see her around town, she’ll likely invite you to hang out at Panera.

Abby brings joy and enthusiasm to life and as her teacher so aptly says “the world is better with Abby in it.” Abby is a special gift to this world. She has taught us to slow down (which isn’t often done in this town). She has taught us how simple it is to love, forgive and delight in others and the world around us. Abby is quick witted and if you share a laugh or joke with her, you won’t forget it. She sees people and loves people with no judgment or hesitation.

Our girl is brave and typically undaunted by the routine challenges life puts in her way. She has an iron will and often perseveres beyond what most of us could. Her favorite song is “Tomorrow” from Annie, and she lives out those lyrics with gusto. She wants everyone to know that they are loved, and she is magic in how she shows people that love.

Abby is so proud to be this year’s Ambassador for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. In the words of Abby, “meet your new ‘bassador!’” Representing the Global Down Syndrome Foundation is such an honor because the work and research they are doing will change Abby’s quality of life and the lives of others with Down syndrome for the better.