Arizona Man With Down Syndrome Secures Right to Vote

Clinton Gode, 25, has been fighting for the right to vote since he was 18. He won that hard-fought battle last week — just in time for the November elections.

Gode, who has Down syndrome, was the first person to take advantage of an Arizona law that took effect Aug. 1 granting those under full guardianship the right to vote in an election after appearing before a judge to determine competency. The local judge found Gode capable of making his own choice about whom to vote for in the coming election and granted him the right.

It was a long time coming.

For the past several years, Gode and his father have been stumping around the state for the right of the disabled to vote. Now with his inalienable right under his belt, all Gode has to do is decide who to vote for.

For the full story from the Kingman (Ariz.) Daily Miner newspaper, click here.

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