“Buddies” Wins Top Film Award at Brazilian Festival

“Buddies,” a new film by Brazilian director Marcelo Galvao that tells a road-trip story about three people with Down syndrome, recently won the Kikito Prize for best film at the Gramado International Film Festival, Brazil’s most prestigious cinema showcase.

The movie, which is inspired by “Thelma and Louise,” follows three people who flee an institution where they live, steal a car and pursue their dreams: Stallone (Ariel Goldenberg) wants to see the ocean, Annie (Rita Pokk) hopes to get married, and Marcio (Breno Viola) hopes to fly.

“I want to thank this team and Rita, Ariel (who are married in real life) and Breno,” Galvao said after receiving the Kikito, according to Ability Magazine. “Our projection here was wonderful. The film was applauded several times on stage, and there was a standing ovation at the end. This was the biggest prize for us.”

At the Gramado festival, “Buddies” also received the award for art direction and a special jury prize for the actors.

“Buddies” opens in Brazil in November.

To view the article about the award in Ability Magazine, click here.

Here is a preview with English subtitles:

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