Global’s Groundbreaking Research Highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, Colorado Public Radio

Two notable articles about the current state of Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome research cite the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s pivotal role in propelling this field to the forefront of scientific research.

Appearing in The Wall Street Journal, the article “Down Syndrome Is Thought to Hold Clues to Alzheimer’s” acknowledged Global’s leadership, along with the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome and the national Alzheimer’s Association, in their collective efforts to raise awareness, galvanize scientific interest and secure funding for research on Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. The three groups organize annual roundtables and collaborate through the Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome Joint Grant Initiative. The initiative funds grants focused on understanding the development and devising treatments for Alzheimer’s disease in individuals with Down syndrome.

In “As Boomers Age, Alzheimer’s Research Picks Up. Will A Cure Follow?” written for Colorado Public Radio, author John Daley spoke with Huntington Potter, PhD, the Crnic Institute’s Director of Alzheimer’s Research, and Director of the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, about his important work studying Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome, including a push to create a blood test able to detect those at high risk for developing Alzheimer’s.

And while Potter focuses on the genetic connections, his partner Jonathan Woodcock, MD, Clinical Director at the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center, and Assistant Professor and Clinical Director, for the Memory Disorders Clinic in the Department of Neurology at The University of Colorado School of Medicine, concentrates on crucial clinical trials, such as a current trial of a drug called Leukine.

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