Human Trisome Project




Research to Develop The Human Trisome Project Biobank, PI Joaquin Espinosa, COMIRB #: 15-2170

Purpose of the study: The purpose of this study is to provide qualified and approved researchers with access to biological samples and health information to answer specific research questions. This project will significantly increase the speed of Down syndrome research and the understanding of associated medical conditions such as leukemia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Main Procedures Involved: Participation would include a single successful blood draw, a mouth swab and allowing researchers to look at your health information. It is optional to give a stool sample and take part in the study for a longer time frame.

Who can participate? Anyone who is 6 months – 89 years old who:

  1. has Down syndrome (any type, including mosaic or partial Down syndrome/trisomy21)
  2. has a family member with Down syndrome but does not him/herself have Down syndrome
  3. does not have Down syndrome and does not have a family member with Down syndrome (this would be a “control” group to compare with those affected by Down syndrome).

Interested? Contact Angela Rachubinski at (303) 724-7366 or