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Meet Our Squad Moms!

Squad Mom Job Description

We are very excited to announce that Karen Frary and Heather Cordova have been selected Squad Moms for the 2017 Junior Denver Broncos Cheerleading (JDBC) program. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Attend all JDBC Parent Meetings*
  • At least one Squad Mom attends every clinic, game day, and community event
  • See page 2 for 2017 JDBC Calendar

Representing Global

  • Assist with all check-ins & attendance at all JDBC events
  • Co-coordinate bus transitions on game days
  • Keep eyes on group at all times ensuring safety and that everyone is accounted for
  • When Global is not in attendance, assist in communication with all families and parents
  • With financial support from Global, coordinate and distribute snacks for clinics and game day
  • Support Dare to Cheer squad with all community outreach initiatives

Fundraising & Friend-raising

  • Plan and implement bi-annual team-bonding events (i.e. Summer Party & Holiday Party)
  • Ensures Dare to Cheer squad is included in all community activities surrounding the program throughout the year
  • Galvanize the Dare to Cheer Squad to participate in annual JDBC Fundraiser

*A required meeting hosted by the Junior Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Program at every Clinic

Most importantly, Karen and Heather are there to support their daughters, Abby and Brianna, along with the girls¹ teammates in any way possible. There are lots of smiles and hugs involved in this job, just the way they like it!

Karen Frary

After 21 years teaching 5th and 6th graders at the Challenge School in
Cherry Creek Schools I¹ve recently retired. Since my daughter, Abigail,
has now turned 21 and transitioned out of the school district, I thought
it was time for me to as well. I love being available for Abby as we get
her settled into adult life. Global Down Syndrome Foundation and Dare to
Cheer have been an awesome way for Abby to have fun with her friends and a
place for me to volunteer! I have been Squad Mom since Dare to Cheer began
with the Junior Denver Broncos cheerleaders in 2013 and am excited to
continue in this role. Being there to greet the cheerleaders and their
families at the clinics and games; making sure the squad is where they’re
supposed to be; helping with communication between the head of JDBC, our
DBC volunteers, Global, and the parents; and, of course, being able to see
the wonderful performances are just some of the ways I assist the Dare to
Cheer squad. I think the best thing is being able to get and give all the
hugs and high fives! Thank you for allowing me this opportunity!

Heather Cordova

My name is Heather Cordova; I am one of your Dare to Cheer Squad moms and
it has been my pleasure to be the mother of Brianna, 19 and Ryan, 15. I
currently work with the Jefferson County Health Department WIC program and
as a private lactation consultant. I have found the Global Down Syndrome
Foundation and the Dare to Cheer program to be one of Brianna’s most
favorite programs. She has been part of this team for about five years and
I have had pleasure of being one of the Squad Moms last year and again
this year. I believe in the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s programs
and I’m happy to volunteer for an organization that gives opportunity for
Brianna to hang with her friends, learn new skills, and have vision. I
enjoy watching the cheerleaders find their place and be part of such a
great team, make new friends, and spend time laughing and smiling. I
enjoy being at the games answering questions, communicating and helping
the families have the most enjoyable time possible. I am thankful for
having the opportunity of being one of the Squad Moms.


Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

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