Provide All People with Down Syndrome Equal Rights!


We should all have rights regardless of race, class, gender, or country of birth; however, rights have never been guaranteed for people who are differently-abled.  This isn’t a pro-life or pro-choice issue, this is a human rights issue about people who exist today.

TodayIn Denmark, the government pledged to eliminate Down syndrome by 2030.

In France, the regulatory body controlling television content banned an award winning public service announcement featuring people with Down syndrome as it might offend women terminating a pregnancy after learning of a diagnosis.

YesterdayA 1912 best-selling book claims disability and immorality are linked; in the same year, a pamphlet listing “threats” posed by the disabled community sparks forced institutionalization and sterilization.

In 1939 people with Down syndrome were one of the first groups murdered by the Nazis in World War II.

Celebrate this World Down Syndrome Day by donating to our life-changing research, medical care, education and advocacy efforts ensuring equal rights. For the next two weeks, we have the opportunity for every donation up to $5,000 to be matched dollar for dollar. We should celebrate all we have accomplished, but there’s more to do. ANY amount will make a difference! Thank you and Happy World Down Syndrome Day from all of us at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.