Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award Winner Frank Stephens Stands Up for Human Rights

Can you imagine any person being told their life is a waste? That they won’t contribute to society? That they shouldn’t even be given the CHANCE to make their mark on the world? People with Down syndrome face this discrimination every day. As a part of our mission to improve research and medical care for people with Down syndrome, it is clear to us that our work must be framed in the context of human and civil rights.

The moving speech of our Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award Winner, Frank Stephens, underscores this sentiment and brought 1,200 attendees to their feet at the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show. He is an author, actor, and exceptional advocate. I agree with Frank that HIS LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! We must continue to push the limits for all people with Down syndrome.

For the next three weeks, we have the opportunity for every donation up to $5,000 to be matched dollar for dollar. Please join me and Frank to celebrate this World Down Syndrome Day by donating to our life-changing research, medical care, education and advocacy. ANY amount will make a difference! Thank you from our families and all of us!

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