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The GLOBAL COVID-19 & Down Syndrome Vaccine Tracker

Welcome to GLOBAL’s COVID-19 & Down Syndrome Vaccine Tracker (GLOBAL Tracker). Your calls, emails, and advocacy inspired us to put this information together to help our community figure out when people with Down syndrome are eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine by state. You will need to scroll horizontally in our tracker to get all the information on your state.

Three vaccines are available in the US: Pfizer for ages 12 and up and Moderna or Johnson & Johnson for ages 18 and up. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two shots, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires one shot.(1,2,3) We are please to share that all states are now providing COVID-19 vaccines for those 12 and older, although there are a handful of states that are still struggling with supply.

COVID-19 vaccines are not yet available to children ages 12 and under. However, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine could be approved by the FDA by the end of May 2021. More approvals should be coming for children as Pfizer has a pediatric study enrolling children 6 months to 11 years old, and Moderna and Johnson & Johnson both have active clinical trials testing vaccine safety in children.(4,5)

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The COVID-19 vaccines are prioritized for the highest risk groups first, since they are more likely to have severe symptoms or even die from COVID-19. Research has shown that adults with Down syndrome who are forty years old or older are 4-5x more likely to be hospitalized  and 10x more likely to die due to COVID-19.(6) In December 2020, the CDC added people with Down syndrome to their list of high-risk categories.(7) The CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine task force has recommended that people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), including those with Down syndrome, should receive the vaccine in phase 1C.(8) At GLOBAL, we believe this is the latest people with Down syndrome should be prioritized. We hope this information will help you advocate for vaccine prioritization for those with Down syndrome in your state, as appropriate.

To be clear, while GLOBAL is actively advocating with our government for people with Down syndrome to be prioritized in the earliest phases, we acknowledge and support the fact that the COVID-19 vaccines are optional for individuals and families. Please contact us with your questions and/or suggestions at info@globaldownsyndrome.org.

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