GAO Finds Problems With Special Education Services After High School

The headline (Special Education Services After High School Uncoordinated, Unmonitored, GAO Finds) says it all on this excellent article from Huffington Post education writer Joy Resmovtis.

People with Down syndrome often have comprehensive help during their school years but are left at a loss as soon as they graduate. The Government Accountability Office lays that problem at the door of four federal agencies that are uncoordinated in their efforts to help those students who are leaving or have left school:

“Their efforts represent a patchwork approach and there is no single, formal, government-wide strategy for coordinating transition services for students with disabilities,” the GAO wrote. “And the agencies don’t evaluate whether their programs work.”

This is an informative article for any parents who envisions their child eventually transitioning from school into the workplace. The good news is that both Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and George Miller (D-Calif.) have written to all four agencies encouraging them to improve their inter-agency coordination when dealing with young adults with disabilities, including Down syndrome. Click here for the entire article.

Below is a video by Dr. Rene Hackney of about how special education services are provided.

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