Glee Stars Shine

The hit TV show is over, but we can’t get enough of Jane Lynch and Lauren Potter, who dish about the show and their relationship in our Spring issue.

Enjoy a sneak peak of our Spring edition of Down Syndrome World™, the award-winning magazine of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Letter from the Editor

DSW Spring cover

Spring is often compared to renewal. With this third edition of Down Syndrome World™, I hope you will feel like part of a renewed commitment to action. That you will be delighted and perhaps even amazed by the work being carried out by and for individuals with Down syndrome.

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Think about the progress we are making! Just five years ago the idea of Down syndrome research seemed far-fetched. Today the Linda Crnic Institute has 29 labs and over 100 scientists working on Down syndrome. In this issue we are proud to present a feature on how Down syndrome research could potentially cure cancer.

For our part, we are proud to announce Down Syndrome World™ received the 2015 Gold Aster Award – we are the first Down syndrome publication to ever receive an Aster award! The award is one of the highest recognitions in the healthcare marketing and advertising field. So please keep your letters, support and photos coming.

Michelle Sie Whitten
President and CEO, Global Down Syndrome Foundation
Editor/Publisher, Down Syndrome World

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