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Joaquin Espinosa, PhD

Global researches anchor T21RS International Conference

msw-t21Global Down Syndrome Foundation is a founding member of the T21 Research Society.  The Society is the first non-profit scientific organization of researchers studying Down syndrome, founded to promote basic and transnational research on Down syndrome and to apply new scientific knowledge to develop improved treatments and cures. After hosting a successful first conference in Paris, the society hosted a second conference in Chicago from June 7th to 11th.  A number of Global affiliated scientists and scholars were invited to present their groundbreaking research:

Joaquin Espinosa, PhD
Associate Director for Science at the Global affiliated Linda Crnic Institute for Down syndrome
Understanding Down syndrome as an Interferonpathy: Espinosa’s explains the implications for the understanding of leukemia and other co-morbidities driven by trisomy 21

Ann-Charlotte Granholm-Bently, PhD
Researcher for the Down Syndrome-Alzheimer’s Disease Investigator program powered by Global, Linda Crnic Institute and the National Alzheimer’s Association
Novel mechanisms in Down syndrome pathophysiology: Designer receptors reveal an important role for noradrenergic systems in Down syndrome pathology

Roger Reeves, PhD
T21 President and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome
Breakthrough and oral communication sessions: Reeves lecture focuses on a specialized pro-resolution mediator approach to chronic inflammation in the Ts654Dn mouse model of Down syndrome

Katherine Waugh, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow for the Crnic Institute
Flash Poster Presentation: Waugh’s presentation includes extensive perturbations of the immune system among individuals with Trisomy 21

Michelle Sie Whitten
Global President and CEO
Medical Policies for people with Down syndrome: Whitten discusses medical care for adults with Down syndrome and lifting barriers

Donna Willcock, PhD
Researcher for the Down Syndrome-Alzheimer’s Disease Investigator program powered by Global, Linda Crnic Institute and the national Alzheimer’s Association
Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease in Down syndrome: Wilcock shares how individuals with Down syndrome who have Alzheimer’s disease have a distinct neuroinflammatory phenotype compared to sporadic Alzheimer’s disease

Because Down syndrome research has generated findings that affect thinking regarding research on Alzheimer’s disease and solid tumor cancers, T21RS creates another forum for drawing attention to the need for further funding for Down syndrome research, which could in turn benefit everyone’s lives. Global and the Crnic Institute are at the forefront of this research and look forward to helping place a greater emphasis on collaborations worldwide.

The conference that presents the latest scientific developments in the field of Down syndrome research is powered by a dynamic team of scientists, researchers, and scholars from across the world:

Conference Organizers:

Roger Reeves, PhD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Jean Delabar, PhD

Mara Dierssen, MD, PhD
CRG-Center for Genomic Regulation

John O’Bryan, PhD
University of Illinois Chicago

Scientific Program Committee:

Mara Dierssen, MD, PhD- Chair
CRG-Center for Genomic Regulation

Anita Bhattacharyya, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Cynthia Lemere, PhD
Harvard Medical School

Jean Delabar, PhD

Dean Nizetic, MD, PhD
Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Jorge Busciglio, PhD
University of California-Irvine

Nicole Schupf, PhD, DrPH
Columbia University Medical Center

Pablo Caviedes, MD, PhD
University of Chile

Deny Menghini, PhD
Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital

For more info on T21RS, visit T21RS.org.

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