Kyra Phillips Stands Up for Texas Cheerleader with Down Syndrome

Kyra Phillips, who received our Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award last weekend at the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show, showed again why she is so deserving of recognition when she stepped up to tell the story of Texas high school cheerleader Brittany Davila last week.

Davila has been a cheerleader on her school squad since junior high but was told she could no longer cheer on the sidelines during games at Deer Park High School because, her mother said, “it was a different coach, and now she can’t do it because it’s a liability.”

Check out the piece that Kyra did on her HLN show, “Raising America with Kyra Phillips,” (the video and full story are available on the HLN website), and let us know: What do you think about schools that tell our kids they can’t be full participants in school sports?

Thanks, Kyra, for always being out there in support of people with Down syndrome!

Read Kyra’s poem, “If You Only Knew Me,” at The Huffington Post.

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