NDSC 2018 – A Milestone Convention for Global

Engaging Roundtable Discussion

During Global’s Roundtable, speakers talked about the importance, the issues and the milestones in research and medical care for people with Down syndrome. No seats left in the house!
Speakers included: Global President & CEO Michelle Sie Whitten, Quincy Jones Award Recipient Frank Stephens, Dr. Brian Chicoine, Dr. Lina Patel, Dr. Michael Yeager, and Linda Crnic Executive Director Dr. Joaquín Espinosa.

Global’s 2018 NDSC Research & Medical Care Roundtable Recap

Two Global Experts Receive Prestigious National Awards

Dr. Joaquín Espinosa, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome on the Anschutz Medical Campus was awarded the National Down Syndrome Congress 2018 Pueschel-Tjossem Award.
Dr. Dennis McGuire, LCSW, Ph.D., Senior Consultant for Adult Medical Initiatives at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, received the 2018 Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group William I. Cohen MD, Distinguished Service Award. He received the award along with his esteemed and accomplished colleague, Dr. Brian Chicoine, M.D.

More information on the honorees here

10 Captivating Workshops

Scientists, doctors, Down syndrome experts, and self-advocates presented thoughtful workshops on everything from aging in adults with Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s to teaching motor skills to advocacy training and more.

Extending the Continuum of Care: Aging Adults and Alzheimer’s Disease
Dr. Dennis McGuire, PhD, LCSW, Bryn Gelaro, LSW, and Dr. Huntington Potter, PhD

Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome
Michelle Sie Whitten, MA and Dr. Huntington Potter, PhD

An Unprecedented and Exciting Down Syndrome Research Discovery Engine –
The Crnic Institute Human Trisome Project
Michelle Sie Whitten, MA and Dr. Joaquin Espinosa, PhD

How to Teach Your Child Gross Motor Skills: Birth to Walking
Pat Winders

How to Teach Your Child Gross Motor Skills: Post Walking
Pat Winders

Promoting Unique Strengths and Resources in People with Down Syndrome
Dr. Dennis McGuire, PhD, LCSW and Bryn Gelaro, LSW

Characteristics of Co-Occurring Down Syndrome and Autism
Dr. Lina Patel, PsyD

Why Our Work is So Important & Becoming a Global Advocacy Star
Michelle Sie Whitten, MA and Frank Stephens

Educational Grants Announcement 

Research & Medical Care Roundtable

For more information on any of our workshops or speakers, contact events@globaldownsyndrome.org

Pay it Forward – Educational Grants to Nine Down Syndrome Orgs

Global awarded $75,000 to nine of its member organizations, bringing the total given through its Educational Grants program to over $550K. This year’s grants will fund programs in California, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Texas, Virginia and Albania.

Global’s 2018 Educational Grants Recipients

A Standing Ovation for DeOndra and Frank

Global Ambassador DeOndra Dixon and Quincy Jones Award Recipient Frank Stephens each have their moments in the spotlight, inspiring self-advocates, their families, and Down syndrome organizations. In their unique humor and poise, DeOndra and Frank touched many hearts through their speeches, both resulting in standing ovations!

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