For LA’s Jules Haimovitz, Global honors his sister

Jules HaimovitzPeople in the entertainment and media industry know Mr. Haimovitz as an industry leader having managed MGM Networks, Spelling Entertainment, Viacom Inc., and King World Productions, among others. Mr. Haimovitz has 37 years of operating experience. Today he is the Chief Executive Officer at Global Entertainment & Media Holdings Corporation and serves as Special Consultant to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at MGM Networks Inc.

What people might not know is what a devoted big brother Mr. Haimovitz was to his sister with Down syndrome.

1. You have both of your degrees in mathematics; what got you into the film and television industries?

Since I watched my first television show at 5 years old, I always had a love of television. My ambition growing up was to be a doctor, but my love of television motivated me to earn a second degree in television and radio at the same time I received my math degree. Eventually I chose television over medicine but continued my math graduate studies while I worked at ABC.

2. You worked for some of the biggest names and organizations in the business. Whom did you most admire?

Although I’ve never worked for him directly, I always admired Steve Ross, CEO of Warner Communications at the time. Steve had amazing foresight and the ability to generate phenomenal loyalty amongst his friends and colleagues. I also admired the founding team at Viacom: Ralph Baruch, Terry Elkes and Larry Hilford. Spinning off from CBS in 1971, they grew a fledgling company into a multibillion-dollar empire that eventually acquired its parent.

3. What lessons have you learned in the media industry that you would pass on to others?

Technology and dates may change, but audiences’ relationship with the content always stays the same.

4. Tell us about your sister. What is/was special about her?

She was the most loving and happiest person I knew.

5. How did you help make your sister’s life more fulfilling?

By just making sure she had the security and love every person needs.

6. What is so special about the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show?

It allows these children to shine and recognize that the love they give is reciprocated.

7. What do you think about Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s work, and how will this help future generations of people with Down syndrome?

Global’s goal of developing programs for children with Down syndrome shows the community at large how much potential these children have when afforded the opportunities other children receive.

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