“Glee” Debuts Third Character with Down Syndrome

Last night on “Glee,” character Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch) cooed over her new baby, Robin, who happens to have Down syndrome.  The introduction of Robin (Jordyn Orr) to the hit Fox TV show marks the third character on the show with Down syndrome.

The show has also featured Becky Jackson (played by Lauren Potter) and Jean Sylvester (played by Robin Trocki). Trocki had to be written off “Glee” because she has Alzheimer’s disease, which is common in people with Down syndrome.

“Glee” isn’t alone in casting actors with Down syndrome. Also this year, the shows “Shameless,” “American Horror Story,” “Blue Bloods,” “Legit” and “The New Normal” all feature actors with Down syndrome.

The inclusion of differently-abled actors on major TV shows is a great way to increase awareness, diminish stereotypes and encourage conversations about the rights, abilities and potential of people with Down syndrome, and we applaud the shows’ examples.

For the full story from ABC News on this fall’s TV lineup and all the actors with Down syndrome, click here.

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