Global’s Survey to Benefit Adults with DS

Adults with Down syndrome

Image by © Markus Moellenberg/Corbis

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation is planning to open their first Adult Down Syndrome Medical Center, Summer of 2016, which will be located in Colorado. ‎This new Center will complement Global’s existing affiliates — the Crnic Institute and the Sie Center for Down Syndrome — in providing a spectrum of research and medical care to the Down syndrome community.


Global has created a nearly 70 member Task Force made up of many renowned medical professionals, activists, and self-advocates from across the country to help them establish this world-class medical center for adults with Down syndrome.

Part of the Task Force’s recommendation is to get input from self-advocates and their families. To this end, Global has engaged Catalyst Healthcare Research to conduct a survey regarding the healthcare needs and lifestyles of adults with Down syndrome. Clearly, it is very important for Global to hear directly from self-advocates and their families about this medical center.

If you would like to participate and take the survey please click your language of choice. The survey can be taken in either English or Spanish.

All survey responses will go directly to Catalyst Healthcare Research and will be encrypted to protect respondent’s anonymity. Names and contact information WILL NOT be shared with any organization involved with the research, unless a respondent personally elects to participate in future Global-related studies (this option is available at the end of the survey).

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