Zoo Intern Program Interns, Instructors and Key Volunteers

Christopher Koren
Zoo Intern Program

Christopher is an intern with the Denver Zoo in their Wild Encounters Program and enjoys being around the animals.

Christopher also works at Kwik Car Wash part-time doing cleaning, office work and wiping down dashboards. He is very active in Special Olympic sports and participates in golf, bowling, gymnastics, swimming, track and tennis.

During his free time Christopher enjoys music, dancing, movies and being with friends.

Christopher graduated from Ponderosa High School in 2008 and lives with his mom and his three cats.

Felix Ybarra
Zoo Intern Program

Felix loves working at the Zoo with his mentor, Rob.

When Felix is not working, he enjoys participating in Special Olympic sports – his favorites are basketball and track. He loves movies and video games and knows a lot about Marvel characters. He also loves oldies music; The Temptations are his very favorite group. He would like to do voices for cartoon movies or video games someday.

Felix graduated from Overland high school in 2011 and earned a letter as basketball manager two years in a row and enjoyed singing in the choir.  He has a border collie named Midnite.

Robert Frantum-Allen
Part-time Employee and Volunteer, Denver Zoo

Robert Frantum-Allen currently works for Denver Public Schools as a program manager in special education focusing on professional development, instruction and low incidence disability. He also taught for more than twenty years, mostly concentrating on special education with a focus on deaf and hard of hearing education. His current passion in the field of education is literacy instruction. He is currently a part-time employee and volunteer docent at the Denver Zoo. He has been volunteering for 12 years and can often be found doing animal demonstrations or leading tours during the Denver Zoo’s acclaimed program Bunk with the Beasts. In addition to working with animals and children, Rob likes to travel and watch baseball.