Dare to Ride Team Fundraising Tips

Step 1

Decide on your fundraising goal. Be ambitious, pick a number that will push you to network, get creative, and work hard to help. Sometimes people looking at your rider page won’t donate if you have already reached your goal. So set it high. We suggest $1,000 or if you have reached that milestone consider $1,500.

Step 2

Set up your rider page at Courage Tours. Make it personal; tell your story! Some of you will be riding in honor of your own child, a member of your family or a friend, or a special patient you have taken care of. That’s what makes our team so special is that we honor self-advocates and their families individually. Let your donors know how much these kids mean to us and how the money they donate will directly help us help them. Include some details about the child you are riding for and how they were helped by the work of the Sie Center. Feel free to include the links to our inspirational videos.

Step 3

Reach out to friends and family, through direct contact, emails, and social media. Don’t be embarrassed in person to ask for support. Why do you care about the Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome? If you or a family member were a patient, describe why you support the Sie Center. If you are an employee, tell about what you see at work that makes you want to help. Research shows that people do not resent being asked to support a cause that you care about (it doesn’t bother you if a friend asks you to support their passion, right? It doesn’t bother people when you ask either!) Indeed, they are often honored that you thought of them in a generous way.

Step 4

Thank your donors. After you receive a new donation be sure to share your progress on social media and thank people who contributed to your ride.

Step 5

Invite the family and friends to come to Copper Mountain to cheer the team on over the finish line on Sunday, July 20, between noon and 2:30 pm.