Global Down Syndrome Educational Series Featured Speakers:
Jennifer Meyers Bekins

Focusing on children with Down syndrome ages birth to 18

Jennifer Meyers Bekins, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist, Jane and Richard Thomas Center for Down Syndrome, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, November 2008

Jennifer Meyers Bekins, MS, CCC-SLP. Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Jennifer Meyers Bekins is a speech-language pathologist with the Jane and Richard Thomas Center for Down Syndrome at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Jennifer presented to many parents and speech language pathologists at the Global Down Syndrome Educational Series in November 2008.  During her lectures, Jennifer used hands-on examples with children she had spent the prior day with. She provided many examples of best practices in communication techniques and methods. She reviewed abilities at different age levels and demonstrated how to achieve lifelong successful communication and language development for individuals with Down syndrome.

Jennifer received her MA degree from Loyola College in Maryland, where she studied under Libby Kumin, PhD, another leading expert in communication and Down syndrome. Jennifer specializes in early communication skills and parent-child interaction. Her interest in speech-language pathology stems from her personal experience as a sibling of a sister and two brothers, all with Down syndrome. View the photos of the this educational series.

Beyond the clinic, Jennifer also engages in important research that will help ascertain what therapies have clear evidence that they work for people with Down syndrome. Jennifer’s current work on the effectiveness of the Hanen courses is an example of her dedication to such research.

Testimonials for Jennifer Meyers Bekins’ Educational Series Lectures:

“Jennifer presented the information in a very real-life way. I loved the examples and implementation of the therapy she used.”

“I feel as a parent and medical provider, the examples given and the audio-visual were so very helpful.”

“Wonderful, clear examples of varying communication levels within DS diagnosis. Great strategy suggestions for parents.”

“Wonderful experience once again. Can’t thank you enough for what you do to help educate parents.”

“It was so good to get such good information from Jennifer with such wonderful knowledge. Amazing for a parent to hear this.”

Attendee survey results on a scale of 1 to 5

Professional Survey Overall Objectives Met Relevance Knowledge of Speaker Clarity of Presentation
Average Totals 3.58 3.50 3.67 4.35 3.93
Parent Survey Overall Objectives Met Relevance Knowledge of Speaker Clarity of Presentation
Average Totals 4.35 4.21 4.37 4.77 4.53