Global Down Syndrome Educational Series Featured Speakers:
Sue Buckley

Effective Teaching Methods for Children with Down Syndrome

Sue Buckley, OBE, Founder and Chief Scientist, Down Syndrome Education International, United Kingdom, March 2007

Professor Sue Buckley is the Founder and Director of Science and Research, and the Chief Scientist at Down Syndrome Education International. In March 2007, Sue presented to a record-breaking 400+ professionals, mostly teachers, and 300+ parents at the Global Down Syndrome Educational Series. Several parents flew in from other parts of the country to hear her speak. Sue provided examples of many effective teaching methods for children with Down syndrome and demonstrated ways both professionals and parents can facilitate learning success.

Sue is one of the world’s leading researchers in the education and development of children with Down syndrome.  She is a Professor Emeritus of Developmental Disability, Department of Psychology, at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom.

A Chartered Psychologist with more than 30 years experience in developmental disabilities, Sue established Down Syndrome Education International in 1980, and left academia to work there full-time in 2000. She has traveled extensively speaking and teaching and is widely published. Her particular expertise is in language and memory development. Sue has been honored by the Queen of England as well as by numerous Down syndrome organizations and scientific bodies.

Sue also has a personal interest in Down syndrome, as the eldest of her three children, Roberta, has the condition. Roberta was adopted by the Buckley family as an infant, and now lives with her love-interest in a supported independent living facility. View photos of this educational series.

Testimonials for Sue Buckley’s Educational Series Lectures:

“Flew in from Alaska just for this symposium. It was worth it!”

“Sue offered teaching options that no one else has presented. She reassured me that there is much we can do to develop our daughter.”

“How blessed we are to have access to the level of research and information as Sue provided! We drove 2 hours one way – we would have driven 12! Worth all of our effort to come and listen.”

“The presentation was excellent! I learned so much about how to approach teaching strategies for DS children and all children.”

“I’ve been teaching for 17 years – this day helped renew my spirit and enthusiasm for my job! Thank you!”

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Average Totals 4.65 4.50 4.59 4.90 4.56