Global Down Syndrome Educational Series Featured Speakers:
Patricia C. Winders

Gross motor skill development and the five stages of development

Pat WindersPatricia C. Winders, Senior Physical Therapist, Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome, January 2007

Patricia C. Winders was the guest lecturer at the second Global Down Syndrome Educational Series. For the first two hours she provided hands-on examples by having children with Down syndrome of different ages come up on stage. She had spent an entire day with those same children the day before. From crawling, to walking, to riding a bike, Patricia showed the audience how it is done.  Patricia made such an impact, and was so inspired to do more for people with Down syndrome in Colorado, that she joined the Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome as its first professional in December 2007.

Since that time, Patricia has seen nearly 250 patients and has launched several programs with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation including the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Dance Class with the Colorado Ballet and the Ed McCaffrey Dare to Play Football and Cheer Camps. Her position at the Sie Center has allowed her to mentor other physical therapists, participate in important gross motor skills research, and update the definitive book that she researched and wrote – Gross Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals.

Over the last three decades, Patricia has captured important gross motor information for children with Down syndrome that forms the best practices outlined in her book. From crawling, to walking, to participating fully in exercise and sports, Patricia has helped thousands of individuals with Down syndrome reach their gross motor skills potential. Read more about Patricia C. Winders. View the photos of this symposium.

Testimonials for Patricia Winder’s Educational Series Lectures:

“This gave me the boost and encouragement I need to work on these things – please get her to Colorado! I am excited to use what I have learned!”

“Her presentation was like a spotlight in the darkness. Pat’s book was great but I learned so much more from this speech. The story about the kid that climbed stairs 50 times a day before walking independently describes my son today. I feel that I could have been even more effective if I had been to this 1 year ago.”

“I’m very sorry I didn’t attend a symposium sooner, my daughter is now 2 ½. And there is a lot that we could have benefit if would have attended it sooner. Grateful for what I learned today.”

“I walked in today thinking that Pat would reconfirm that everything I am doing with my kiddos with Down syndrome is correct. In the end I walked away with 2-3 major things I was not doing that I will absolutely start doing. An amazing presentation!”

“I LOVED the fact that we were provided real hands-on examples with children with Down syndrome right here in the hotel. It is the best way to learn!”

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