2018 Global Down Syndrome Foundation Research & Medical Care Roundtable at DSAIA

The Importance of Research & Medical Care for Down Syndrome Organizations


Co-organized with the Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action, the Global Roundtable is a free benefit to registrants of the DSAIA Annual Leadership Conference and features renowned scientist and medical professionals. This year’s Global Roundtable featured 5 expert speakers and covered the following topics:
      • How research improves the lives of those with Down             syndrome
      • How research and medical care should be working               together
      • How local Down syndrome organizations can help
It was an incredible afternoon that concluded with an intimate tour of the Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome in the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Survey Results & Testimonials

  Average Totals
Overall Rating 4.77
Relevance of content to your family or work? 4.56
Knowledge of Speaker 4.88
Clarity of Presentation 4.61
Q&A 4.57
Recommend to others 99%

“Joaquín had amazing knowledge.”
– Mary Murray, Eastern Idaho Down Syndrome Family Connect

“Very exciting! Thank you!
– Robbin Lyons, Wisconsin Upside Down

“Very interested in bringing a Roundtable to my area.”
– Janet Caramello, Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida

“I LOVE Global and all of you!!! Keep up the AMAZING work.”
– Krissy Crites, Red River Valley Down Syndrome Society

Speakers and Presentations

To view the presentations, click on each speaker’s presentation title.

Michelle Sie Whitten, MA

President & CEO, Global Down Syndrome Foundation
Executive Director, Anna and John J. Sie Foundation
Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome Board of Directors

The Importance for Local Down Syndrome Organizations to Support Science
How To Establish a Medical Care Center for Down syndrome

Joaquín Espinosa, PhD

Executive Director, Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome
Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of Colorado School of Medicine

The Human Trisome Project

Fran Hickey, MD

Medical Director, Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome

The Importance of Research and Pediatric Medical Care

Barry Martin, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine-Internal Medicine,
University of Colorado Hospital

The Importance for Science and Adult Medical Care to Work Together

Dennis McGuire, PhD

Senior Consultant, Global Down Syndrome Foundation
Behavioral Specialist, Denver Adult Down Syndrome Clinic
Co-Chair, Global Down Syndrome Foundation Adults with Down Syndrome Task Force

The Importance for Science and Adult Medical Care to Work Together