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Why not College? Campaign Puts Pressure on “Glee”

August 23rd, 2012 by Global Down Syndrome Foundation


While many classmates on “Glee” are going off to college or considering that route, the Fox TV show’s creators haven’t indicated that Becky Jackson, who has Down syndrome, is thinking about college, much less going.

Becky’s college plans may not be a hot topic in the “Glee” writers’ room, but they’ve got their own hashtag on twitter: #College4Becky. That’s right — a Twitter campaign has sprung up after an open letter to the “Glee” writers appeared asking that they consider her future in higher education.

The campaign’s organizers at Think College, a clearinghouse on college options for students with intellectual and developmental issues, wrote: “If you make college plans for Becky, you’ll be raising the expectations of all your viewers with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.”

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