Global Webinar Series – Fall 2017 Recap

 FALL 2017

Promoting Skills to Survive & Thrive
in the Teen & Adult Years

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Overview & Speakers:


Teens and adults can survive and thrive given the right support and encouragement. In this webinar we discussed a host of adaptive strategies that take advantage of their on-board strengths to reduce common challenges in the areas of communication, flexibility, and adaptation. In particular, we emphasized how to use visual cues and behavioral “grooves” to support teens and adults transitioning into new environments and life stages. We also discussed better ways to manage their superb but often under-developed intuition and social sensitivity to enhance social relations. Finally, like all of us, people with Down syndrome need a sense of control in their lives to feel empowered and capable. We informed about how you can use person centered planning, among other tools, to promote productivity and autonomy, and to minimize conflicts of control and control at home.   


Dennis McGuire, LCSW, Ph.D.
is Global’s Senior Consultant specializing in adult initiatives. He is a Down syndrome behavioral expert with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of mental health and developmental disabilities. As the former Director of Psychosocial Services for the Adult Down Syndrome Center in Chicago – the largest, most prestigious clinic for adults with Down syndrome in the United States – he helped establish the center, which serves over 4,000 unique adult patients with Down syndrome each year. In his role at Global Dr. McGuire facilitates the best possible programs and services for teens and adults with Down syndrome. This includes the development of a world class multidisciplinary clinic serving this population and co-facilitating the Adult Medical Care Guidelines initiative.



Bryn Gelaro, LSW
, is a social worker with a passion for behavioral health of adults with Down syndrome. Her work includes furthering Global’s adult care initiatives, serving as an executive committee member and co-author of the Adult Medical Health Care Guideline update and supporting Global’s efforts to open a World Class Medical Clinic for adults with Down syndrome.





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