2013 Ambassador Cole Rodgers

My name is Cole Rodgers. I am 6 years old. I love music, school and peanut butter. I also am chromosomally enhanced. I have Down syndrome.

My family is from Eastern Washington State, but most of the time, we live in Washington, D.C. That is because of my mom’s job. You may have heard of her, Cathy McMorris Rodgers. She represents the 5th Congressional District of Washington State. She started and co-chairs the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus with Representatives Sessions and Van Hollen, and Delegate Holmes Norton.

I love my mom … she tells me I make her a better person, and she calls me a gift from God. I love my dad too. I also love my little sister, Grace, even though she gets into my stuff.

I spend most of my time playing. I love music, cars and kicking balls. I have fun at school with my friends. I love to learn – a good thing, since I have a lot of homework. Can you believe that they give us homework in kindergarten?

Along with my teachers, my mom and dad help me learn. They help with my homework, they teach me how to behave, and they teach me to care about others. My parents think that I need to learn all of the same lessons as everyone else. They have high expectations for me.

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation has high expectations for all people with Down syndrome. Won’t you please support their efforts?

My name is Cole. And this is my story. So far…