April 2016

Crnic Grants Fund $6.7 Million of DS Research
Governor Hickenlooper, Congressman Coffman, and State Senator Johnston celebrated at Global’s World DS Day event where Dr. Joaquín Espinosa announced $1M in Crnic Grand Challenge Grants to a cheering crowd. The Crnic grant program has now funded $6.7M in DS research to 33 labs and over 100 scientists. More
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Global to Establish Adult DS Medical Care Guidelines
Global will work with experts and the DS community to create this valuable resource, which will reflect increased life span and medical advances. The latest guidelines were published in 1999. More
Renowned Philanthropist Named as Chair by Global
Respected philanthropist and entrepreneur, Maureen Reagan Cannon, will chair Global’s Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show on Nov. 12. More
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Models with DS Wanted! Don’t Miss the May 18 Audition
Judges will choose 20 models (ages 7 and up) to participate in Global’s star-studded Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show. The auditions are an unforgettable experience for 100 self-advocates. More
Global Provides Ed Grants for Local DS Organizations
Apply for grants up to $10,000 each to underwrite educational programs for self-advocates, medical professionals, teachers, and your DS community. The deadline is May 20! More
More Resources: Prenatal Testing Research & Medical Care Global Grants
5fe4f10e-d97d-4968-99d5-ae26a78c517b Dr. Kumin Presents at the Spring Educational Series May 13-14! 4bd3b5ed-c3f5-41ea-90cd-ecf3c001922b Submit your photos to be featured in Down Syndrome World™!


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